CycloSense measures the mobility of bicycles

delft-stadspromotie_300dpi_0079_360x240The Netherlands is the country of bicycles. At every morning rush 1.75 million people use a bicycle. At 25 percent of all commuting trips, a bicycle is used. 40 percent of all train passengers arrive at the train station on a bicycle. There is a 35.000 kilometer nationwide network of (separated) bicycle paths.
CycloSense counts the number of cyclists, the traveled routes and commutes.

Using new data collection methods
Together with Traffic IT Services B.V., Double Sense developed a system for data collection, using several cost effective techniques. For example, the system uses a low power radar to count cyclists. Another technique is WiFi sniffing, using WiFi signals to detect mobility patterns.

By combining and extrapolating the measured data, we can provide a real time overview of the actual use of the bicycle network. This includes the number of cyclists, the traveled routes and travel times. The system is compliant with the Dutch privacy regulations.

cyclosense_detectorDelft testing ground
We are testing CycloSense in the City of Delft. There are four CycloSense systems installated on various locations. We are using the results to improve our algorithms constantly.

Measuring bicycle traffic
There is little data available about the actual use of bicycle infrastructure. Bicycle paths are generally not equipped with loops for measurement purposes. Installing new loops is a costly affair. With CycloSense the supply side (infrastructure) and the demand side (number of cyclists, travel times and routes followed) can be balanced.