Maintenance of the parking guidance system City of Breda

For the City of Breda, DoubleSense performs maintenance activities for the Breda parking guidance system.

The purpose of the system is to inform visitors about free parking space in the twelve parking lots and garages in and around the city. Traffic is routed dynamically to free spaces. Additionally, the system informs about current and future events in Breda.

DoubleSense delivers corrective maintenance (troubleshooting and repairs) and preventive maintenance (cleaning and checks). The total system consists of 50 dynamic signposts and 12 parking locations across the city.

In 2010 DoubleSense was involved in the design and building of the system. Thereafter, the maintenance was conducted by DoubleSense commissioned by the ANWB, later the NBD (National Signage Service). From January 1, 2017 directly for the City of Breda.