Managing Director Aart-Jan de Koning has a technical and commercial background in electronics. He has an extensive track record in product and service development, in the private and public sector. He worked as general manager, technical manager and R&D manager. Aart-Jan combines technical knowledge with entrepreneurship and above all a passion for innovation. Together with Marc Quakkelaar he founded DoubleSense in 2007.


Senior Business Consultant Leendert Jan Zonneveld has a product and business development background in ICT. He worked for AND International Publishers, ANWB, Xwits and others. Many years of experience in project management, product management and sales/ marketing management. At DoubleSense he is responsible for new security and healthcare products and services.


Marc Quakkelaar has an engineering and commercial background in technical ICT and electronics. He worked for Ericssson in Sweden where he developed a DECT telephone system. Back in The Netherlands he worked as a project manager for Technolution and GTI. In 1999 he became business unit manager at Yacht ICT. In 2001 he founded an embedded IT company. In 2007 he co-founded DoubleSense.