LogiSense DORA system
The LogiSense DORA system assists the medical staff in operation rooms. DORA (Digital Operation Room Assistant) provides a real time overview of the status of presence of equipment in operation rooms.

Januari 2017
New maintenance contract for the parking guidance system City of Breda.
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November 2016
DoubleSense assists the Project Office 'Hoekse Lijn' realizing a dynamic information system in the new RET subway stations.

September 2016
CycloSense measures the mobility of bicycles. This includes the number of cyclists, the traveled routes and travel times. The City of Delft is the first user of CycloSense data.

May 2016

September 2015
In Delft the new Reinier de Graaf hospital opened. All operation rooms are equipped with the LogiSense DORA systeem to monitor medical equipment.

April 2015
Traffic IT Services and DoubleSense are now INRIX traffic and travel information resellers for the Netherlands. >>

January 2015
DoubleSense counts the door movements of OR doors real time and wireless in the Diakonessen hospital in Utrecht en Zeist, including an interface to the Personal Health Record system.

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