• General management: project management, interim management, change management, strategy, operational management, setting up joint ventures and consortia.
  • Marketing/sales: Network in B2B, B2G, surveys for B2B, B2G and B2C markets, strategical marketing, promotion , business cases, tendering and granting projects. Speakers at (international) conferences and symposia
  • Finance: Activity-based costing, cost calculations, financial management, (long term) financial planning.
  • ICT: Embedded software development, Technical ICT, Industrial ICT, system and network design, ERP, production and operation of web portals, GIS systems.
  • Operational management: Business process redesign, (re)organization, quality management, contract management, logistics, tendering, recruitment and selection, outplacement.
  • Technology and innovation: R&D in mechatronics and ICT. Media: (mobile) Internet, digital radio.