For the City of Breda, DoubleSense performs maintenance activities for the Breda parking guidance system. The purpose of the system is to inform visitors about free parking space in the twelve parking lots and garages in and around the city. Traffic is routed dynamically to free spaces. Additionally, the system informs about current and future […]

The Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area is working hard to improve public transport. The project ‘Hoekse Lijn’ is the largest investment in the coming years. The existing train connection between Schiedam and Hoek van Holland will be transformed into a modern subway. The Project Office Hoekse Lijn realizes this transformation. The RET, the future operator […]

The Netherlands is the country of bicycles. At every morning rush 1.75 million people use a bicycle. At 25 percent of all commuting trips, a bicycle is used. 40 percent of all train passengers arrive at the train station on a bicycle. There is a 35.000 kilometer nationwide network of (separated) bicycle paths. CycloSense counts […]

From 2015, DoubeSense – together with Traffic IT Services – is an INRIX reseller in the Netherlands for governments. INRIX is a US based company and is the global market leader in traffic information and connected car services. Products and service include historical, real-time and predictive traffic information, analyses tools, app-toolkits, real-time off/on-street parking information […]

The National Signposting Authority NBd (Dutch: Nationale Bewegwijzeringsdienst) is responsible for the signposting system in the Netherlands. A uniform system ensures proper and safe traffic flow. The NBd advises more than four hundred road authorities in the Netherlands. It designs signfaces and optionally handles procurement, installation, management and maintenance. DoubleSense supports the NBd since 2010. Particularly with dynamic sign systems for […]

Road authorities, such as the national DOT and local DOT’s are responsible for traffic management within their area. Because traffic is region-transcending, the road authorities are working together more and more. This is called Regional Operational Traffic Management (in Dutch: ROVM). National and local road authorities initiated a project called MA20, to enable joint traffic […]

The cooperating road authorities in The Netherlands (430) collect all their road related data in the Dutch National Road Database (NWB), a digital geographic database with a nationwide coverage. The NWB is used for the coordination of road construction, road maintenance and traffic management. Because of the technological developments and technical possibilities the user requirements […]

For the City of Breda, DoubleSense renovated the equipment of the ‘Beyerd Vlaszak’ parking. In February 2012 the parking was changed to a ‘pay afterwards’ regime. DoubleSense renovated the traffic counters on the entrance and exit lanes and implemented and tested the interface to the central parking route information system (PRIS).

Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Transport) is a member of CEDR (Conference of European Directors of Roads), an association of 26 European national road authorities. Within this association, the road authorities exchange knowledge and develop a shared vision and strategy for national and European authorities. CEDR is controlled by the Governing Board, in which each member […]

DoubleSense participates in a health care innovation project called DORA (Digital Operation Room Assistant). Our innovative sensor technology was used to monitor processes in operating rooms, such as the movements of equipment and staff. The purpose of DORA is to increase patient safety during surgery. DORA is a LogiSense product. LogiSense is a DoubleSense brand […]